Went Right

from by Enablers

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Went Right

Instead of left

Out of the closing bar

And at E. 7th and C

Walked smack into a stand-off

Between neighborhood grunts

In wife-beaters and jeans

Holding bats and chains

And, turning, one says “What the fuck?”

And another, higher voice says, “Yeah, what the fuck, white boy?”

And white boy says, “Oh, fuck….”

And goes fuck-fuck!-FUCK!!-fucking away

In a dead sprint, down-and-righting south

And west, south

And west, maybe

Half a dozen of them

Hurling batteries (“?”) and rocks and half-drunk

Cans of soda

Piling on insults and jeers

About mamas and sisters

Until the last three

Then two

And one

Give up the chase

And fall back as a summer rain

Comes down heavier and heavier

And drenched on a corner somewhere

Unable to light the smoke dangling aquiver in his lips

A cop car cruises by and slows to this wet

Panting figure in a doorway failing to light match

After match and, laughing, one of them says,

How’s your night, chief?

And the car moves along, a couple

Of honks for luck.

And one year, many stories, and newborn urban

Legends later, E. 7th and C, to the day and at the

Identical time of night, saw a mother strolling her baby

And smiling at the man standing on the corner

With the curious look on his face, holding his arms

Wide and asking her, “What the fuck?”


from The Rightful Pivot, released February 7, 2015
Recorded and Mixed By Desmond Shea and Joe Goldring May/June 2014
at Coast Recorders S.F.
Mastered by Doug Henderson at micro-moose Berlin



all rights reserved